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At the last moment you collapse onto your hide panting, maddening to catch your breath. No one moves until you feel that the man has softened and his relaxed dick slides from your ass leaving you feeling strangely empty. You lift off your husband’s cock wincing and lay by him both still breathing heavily and remove your blindfold. He looks at you and says, “Did you like it?” You manage a muffled grin and maintain “Yes, thank you honey. That was incredible.” He smiles back and says, “Good, maybe I’ll start looking for a third.” Before you can aim he pulls your brass neck to his and kisses you passionately again, making you wince as you are however sensitive. He then heads off to the sprinkle leaving you to rest.

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"Honey... umm... Would you mind?"
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I should give you some basic geography. We live in a large lineage in suburbia, a typical set up where neighbours clash on account of a happier lawn and SUVs crawl along the otherwise tranquil high road. We had the customary big front greensward and gigantic back garden, walled in by a fence. In the day, things were still. At night, there was be revenged less excitement.

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"Only one," he said, always knowing when to say the perfect things.
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