“Okay,” I said, as I walked into the bedroom.

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“Stop,” he gasped. “Enough, Shanti … stop!”
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I answered, “You will but not Thursday.”
He laughed to himself and apologized. He looked around in support of the place to plug it in. Melissa was sitting on it. He knew this. At least I’m pretty sure he knew this. But he took this opportunity to gush his pass from Melissa’s knee to the bottom of her white dress, along her velvety leg, looking in behalf of the buckle. My face turned red. Melissa was too drunk to notice the violation.
“Stop,” he gasped. “Enough, Shanti … stop!”
The inside of the shed was evil except for the sake a dusty window that let in the daylight. It was full of all sorts of gardening tack that was hung up or placed around it. As I walked in the park keeper closed the door. “Now then my girl, Albert reckons I’ve no need to yelp at you. All you need is a taste of my hand on that backside of yours.”
“I’m going up to bed” and I just nodded to acknowledge that I’d heard her and went back to watching TV. I channel jumped for about an hour and then I went upstairs. I went into the bedroom, got the clothes that I would need for the next light of day, grabbed my pillow high the bed and headed for the door.
Bruce:Can I come over?
“What about Dad?” carol asked. “Is he up the wall?”
“Okay,” I said, as I walked into the bedroom.
I air there in this gorgeous post orasmic bliss grateful for this experience and super grateful for having the most amazing wife in the world.Okay. This is not a sharp straight to the coitus draughtsman fall apart so if that is what your are looking for, please either move on or scroll down. 😉
Then Rachel was leaving and she hugged both of us also. I glanced out the front window, and spotted the three of them in what seemed to be quite a covet conversation by their vehicles.


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