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She was a small girl of lifetime 29 at 4’11inches tall, and Rocky (my partner) was older at 35, and a 6’6 gorilla! My gorgeous inconsiderable wife was starkly blown away by his looks and his huge manly presence as they looked into each other’s eyes when I introduced them! I could see that her attraction for him was magnetic and she was like a enchanted weak little irish colleen and he was like a empty muscle bound stallion. The stallion knew that this little filly needed to be fucked by the begging helpless look on her daring!

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As she leaned forward her bosoms were popping out from under her unbuttoned blouse. Ramon smile as he looked up to see the two improve orbs hanging down like two giant water drops in in the lead of him. He reached out and gently tugged on her nipples. Without any hesitation his mouth closed in around her nobility nipple.
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