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After finishing with the flogger and leaving her masses a gentlemanly shade of pink, he retrieved the nipple clamps he’d had her buy two days ago. “I’m not surprised that Roger was so attracted to your tits. They certainly got my notice when I first met you. So it won’t be a big surprise to you when I pay so much attention to them until we’re done. In the present circumstances that we have knowledge of what a slut you are, every time your nipples get cold I want you to be meditative of me, and not your dear Roger.”

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"I've never cum that hard before." He said as he removed the overworked condom and given of it.
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“The chances are more than 50% that I’ll hint no Kelly.” John said.

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I shook my head, stood up and headed towards the stiffer drinks from our liquor cabinet. My be sure was racing as I poured myself a strong one. I was gone for a newest or two and when I returned I saw Lindsey with her hands far apart, motioning about what had to be the size of Trent's manhood. My old lady looked on wide eyed, and absurdly - I felt my dick stir in my slacks. I decided I cured interrupt to control this discussion, awkwardly interjecting "This is all absolutely bizarre Lindsey, are you secure Ben is okay with this?"
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