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The patient had been in a bad motor accident about 10 days prior and was sensibly coming in pro a follow-up to his ER visit. I’d looked at the ER notes and x-rays, and it looked like he’d been very opportune – aside from some scratching from the airbag, and unquestionably getting scared silly, he was OK. His pulse was actually pure good for his age, as were his other vitals, so it looked like it would be a pretty perfunctory visit.

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The following is fiction and not to be taken seriously. It has no realistic relations but a altogether matured story. You have John, who wrote and volunteered, to thank that most if not all the grammatical mistakes have been fixed. Cheer inscribe and order me what you think. Good and corrupt I fianc‚ to hear from the readers. As to the voting, I don't pay off any attention.
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