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“This is where you come in Mrs. Clayton. YOUR behavior decides whether or not I detonate your husband’s collar. I upon jiffy obedience in ALL things asked of you. Your obedience WILL be accompanied by excitement and gratitude. In disagreement for that subservient gratitude, I will allow you to feed your quash, desolate his bedpan and clean him up. So sustained as you acquiesce to me your placate will continue. Perhaps after a few years, the novelty of your luscious body commitment have worn off and I might choose to eject you two to a small native village profound in the rainforest. In any event, your husband’s pungency is a simple courtesy. I Recall that you will be more compliant with him in peril. From where one stands, I’d like to simply hurt him but I want you more or less willing. This way I don’t prepare to take what I want through vehemence. You would agree that willing is better would you not?”

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She gingerly pulled her dress on, which kept sticking to her wet body and zipped it up. She staggered outside, the bouncers at the door abusing her on the way out. "Look at the whore" they said, "walked in here all high and mighty, now she's leaving with cum running down her thighs."
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