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“Wait a back. How did we get here?” Sherry realized that she was in a cab with David. He was kissing her neck and working his way back to Sherry’s lips. “I can’t” is what she meant to disclose rather than David filled her mouth with his tongue.” Her congress felt like it was on fire and it just needed to explode. Time seemed to be jumping around. Was she dreaming or just that drunk?

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"Don't swallow it you cum sucking whore." John yelled not allowed. "Keep it in your mouth and show us." He commanded. So when Tom extracted his cock from my face I let the cum rest on my tongue and surfeit my cheeks, and opened my mouth extensive so Tom and John could inspect my mouth filled with semen. John ordered me to sponsor beside him as he stood stroking his dick, and he peered deep into my mouth. "Genius, look at you with a mouth all-inclusive of cum." He exclaimed. "What a slut you have become. My chain, the big titted cock hungry cum gulping whore, so fucking sexy, what a just right small slut wife I have now. Press those tits together fury and spittle the cum on them."
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