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“Yes?” came the answer from downstairs.

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She was in heaven and her hands gripped his butt cheeks tightly and ensured he continued his movements. She loved having a man do this, and with John's extra munificent hot cock it was sick than ever. As this kept going his movements became faster and her enjoyment increased, she moaned as her sexual appetite overcame all other thought. Her hands phony him to move faster and to the plenary depth that she could stand. His hands came down to each side of her inhibit and he held her in his own feel, slightly compelling her apex adding to the motions between them. They were both groaning loudly and continuously as the advance became faster and stronger until he was almost heaving himself into her mouth. The groans soon became grunts as he neared his peak. Just a minute later John stopped grunting to grind out sound from his throat. Sophia could feel him become harder and bigger and his sac tightened to squeeze his balls. This heightened her arousal, then he made a louder alarums and his for the most part torso went still.
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