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How the fuck did my ex do this? Where did the drug come from? The laptop and headphones? He’s a fucking plumber, for power’s sake. And if he’s got this technology, who else does? How many other people is this happening to? How many women? Or men, even steven?

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I cannot describe how lovely it felt being fucked while lying between Stewart's legs and with my head on Stewart's tummy. I was in the stomach of the sandwich of my two naked favourite boys. One below me and single more than, and this was another first for me. For the sake of any woman who has never done that you do not know what you are missing. I was so captivated with this situation of being in the middle of this hot sexy sweaty sandwich that I shuffled up the bed a bit so I was duplicity fully on Stewart's chest. I could now feel the animated about in the raw kinfolk of both my boys grave against me on both sides.
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