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“Hmmm. Well, that’s three things that connect me to you during this um…process.”

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Our flight to Caracas passed inclusive of a series of severe thunderstorms. I'm not superstitious, but if you were looking in return the first bad omen of our cruise, any a certain of those storms would be your first pick. I had NEVER been airsick before the roller coaster flight I reason would never put an end to. A week later we were in Puerto Ayacucho, the halt of the line for river traffic. From here on it was travel by canoe and foot. Our local tutor, Dave Saunders and a team of natives clad in shorts and tee shirts, were waiting for us. I'm not established what I expected, certainly not a six and a half foot tall musclebound giant with reddish blonde hair and a deep jungle tan. My maiden thought was that he was the spitting image of Doc Savage, whose pulp novels I had devoured as a kid. Right away I did not like the road he eyed Min-Soo. I think he managed to conceal his obvious lust from my wife and Jack, but not me. I went on high cautious.
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