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On the last day of one visit when I was having to go up on again Miks doctor came round with some student doctors to talk fro his case. The doctor is barest strict and it was discerning that some of the students were alarmed of him which was sort of mystifying because he was always nice with us. One particular disciple seemed to be having more trouble than anyone else and dropped their pen at least twice as well as struggled to explain what they thought. I was not paying much attention to what they were saying as I had heard so many people saying so much beyond the handful days that I concentrated on MIks.

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Arthur could proclaim that Eric was struggling to accept this. "What are you worried about Eric? Losing your caper let out? I could take that away from you anyways. Losing your wife? Again, I could take her away from you already. Isn't that how you got here in the first place? If your wife knew the extent of your gambling problem, assuming she align equalize knows about it in the first regard, or if she were to find off the terrible criminal dealings you're now involved in, it would be over anyways."
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