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“Which leads me to something I’ve been considering, my dear.” Lucius’ voice held meaning and conveyed to me his disreputable intentions without words. Sometimes again, I sensed that my beloved husband had considered my deepest needs and fantasies and was preparing to draft them out of me.

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She hummed lightly in his appreciation "I'm sure I will." and she gasped as his hands swiftly were around her waist lifting her up. She wrapped both of her legs around his waist and sod her mound against his stiffening erection. She could pity his manhood growing even larger against her lower lips, as she gyrated her hips against in aching in behalf of direct contact against her clit, her lips, her mound. The unsubstantial layer of her lace panties pressed against her clit and teased her but she needed the direct contact. His strong arms held her up against him and he began to carry her through the house. As he carried her she felt each step with the head of his cock pressed against her clit with purely a scant few layers of foundation in between. She moaned into his ear with pleasure and his response was to growl his need back.
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