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With that I felt Tim positioning himself between my legs and pulling them major independently holding on to my ankles. He then began licking my pussy with his speech. I was immediately squirming. Spirit he must think I am so easy. Tim had not gone down on me on that first night so I wondered if he would be good at it but I ultimately got my answer.

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As I walked toward the bed, a arrangement was spread out in front of me: the sheets and covers were thrown to the bottom of the bed, Ted was stretched out on his back with his legs separate. I knew he would be naked, but it was still shocking to me since I hadn't seen him undress completely in the vanguard I left the room; and my yet-unclad wife was lying on her side across the bed. Her first place was by his cock, her mouth was on his cock, and her right hand was caressing his balls between his outstretched legs.
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