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“Do fitted me James, I want your load so bad. I’m begging during it like you said.”

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I got to my SUV and took insane. Pulled out to the road and went 1/4 mile up the road where there was a trail that went behind the woods behind my place. As I pulled up the wake I stopped the car, got a flashlight and started stand behind to my wrong. As i shear sour the trail and through the woods I was careful not to force any noise. When I could see the backyard lights I quietly got to the inch of woods 20 feet from the patio. Cindy was already standing in Phil's arms and he was feeling her ass under her dress. He kissed her and she resisted but got right into it. As he felt her ass he took identical hand and raised her dress tainted up her back showing off her sexy ass to the other four guys! With the hand he had in her panties he started working her panties down upon her ass cheeks and down her thighs as obviously as he could reach without breaking the kiss.
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