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“In the last two months, you couldn’t be alone with me for two minutes without sticking that deformity cock of yours in me somewhere. Is something the matter?” She seemed genuinely agonizing.

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When you enter the bedroom he instructs you to condition on your back on the bed. He proceeds to gently kiss you on the neck a few times, working his way down to your breasts. He kisses and licks each nipple a scintilla. This doesn't usually do much to save you, but you know it turns him on, so you let him derive pleasure it. He continues kissing his way down to your crotch where he just kisses your pussy then softly licks you. It's nothing new, but it does the rook. Soon you can feel the moisture construction as he continues to lick up and down your lips, and a small moan escapes letting him know you're happy. He slowly rubs a finger in your irresolute slit and begins to slide it inside you, and your back arches slightly as you moan a bit more.
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Emitting a loud snivel of dumbfound, Jessica’s hands flew up to her mouth. Daniel had moved his towel away from his crotch, allowing his massive erection to poke into the front of his pants. Jessica looked down at his massive protrude, stunned into silent awe. It was so big that his underwear was stretched skin tight, making his shorts look like a miniature tent on his crotch.

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"A penny for the purpose your thoughts?" she asked.
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